Our Operational Analytics Services

We are the catalyst for your business transformation through our exceptional operational analytics solutions.

At JCR Analytics, we offer operational analytics solutions designed for companies that use fleets of vehicles, regardless of their industry. Our descriptive and predictive indicators are built from each client’s own policies, strategies and definitions, providing a complete view of their operations, helping them to optimize resources and make informed decisions.

Fleet Analysis

We perform a deep analysis of Fleet behavior, considering GPS information, policies and business rules, plus day to day facts.


We deliver an intuitive Dashboard customized for each client for immediate control.


The Dashboard is complemented by detailed information with key KPIs, tables, graphs, heat maps, among others.


We adapt to the changes required by the client, in order to accompany him in his process of continuous improvement.

Step 1 – Identification of policies and/or rules to be controlled
Step 2 – Operational evaluation of the current GPS platform
Step 3 – Delivery of a tailor-made diagnosis for your business
Step 4 – Formalization of the contract for the provision of analytical services
Step 5 – Preparation, reporting, implementation of changes
Vehicles in area A may not be driven between hh:mm and hh:mm
Vehicles may drive a maximum of M miles/month according to the leasing contract
Delivery schedule for customer X is between hh:mm and hh:mm
The fuel budget per truck is B USD/month
Vehicles from areas J and K are not allowed to drive in areas X, Y, Z
Maximum time one person can drive a vehicle is H hours/shift
The mechanic workshop cannot take more than H hours to perform a diagnosis
Zone W is forbidden for vehicles A and B during weekends
Vehicle X had to leave the predefined route due to an emergency
Customer authorized stop at non-permitted point, only during last weekend hours
Schedule had to be modified due to uncontrolled external conditions (e.g. weather)
Previously assigned vehicle suffered a breakdown and had to be replaced by another one
A new area was added to be monitored during non-working days and hours
A new vehicle is added to the fleet
It’s necessary to control a new parameter (e.g. engine temperature)
Miles traveled / miles contracted
Hours of non-compliance due to entry to non-permitted zones / total hours
Hours of non-compliance due to non-entry to obligatory zones / total hours
Number of times speed excesses occurred / number of times speed was measured
Hours of non-compliance with mechanic workshop / hours that maintenance should have been delayed
Hours of unauthorized stops / total hours
Frequency of unauthorized stops / maximum limit
Total time to unload truck / time agreed upon according to contract
Review of contracts with suppliers
Review of contracts with customers
Development of new services
Rewards to personnel for good behavior
New human resources policy
Annual budget optimization
Vehicle fleet optimization
Personalized Approach: Reports Tailored to Your Needs

We don’t believe in standard solutions. We work with you to understand your unique policies, strategies and objectives. Our reports are custom-designed, and we maintain constant communication to ensure that the results are exactly what you need.

Protecting Your Data with the Highest Level of Care

Your security is our priority. We sign confidentiality clauses with no expiration date and handle information locally with secure backups. We are committed to protecting your data and ensuring that your information is in safe hands.

Comprehensive Training: Mastering your Results

Not only do we provide information, but we also train you to interpret and effectively use the results. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge to make informed and strategic decisions.

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