Operational Strategic Control

Better information means better decisions!

We provide objective and timely analysis so you can optimize your resources and improve the strategic management of your company.

Quality Work Through Dedication

Business analytics is the scientific process of transforming data into conclusions for the purpose of making better decisions.

Permanent adaptation.

Our service policy is to constantly adapt to our clients’ new challenges. Indeed, the factors that generate change needs are diverse: changes in the competitive environment, legal modifications, new business challenges and the changes produced by the best decisions they make as a result of our service.

Continuous improvement

As senior executives of large companies, we learned the value of having good and timely information: the peace of mind of making objective decisions.


We have a high capacity to develop solutions quickly and effectively, which allows us to deliver a high quality service.

Customized Service

We cross-reference data from organizational information systems with business rules, budgets, policies and other corporate definitions to generate a unique result that fits the specific needs of each client.

Text analysis

Also known as data mining. This method discovers a pattern in large data sets using databases or other data mining tools.

Descriptive analysis

This analysis answers the question “What happened?” using past data in the form of dashboards. Statistical analysis involves data collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and modeling.

Diagnostic analysis

This analysis answers the question “Why did it happen?” by looking for the cause based on insights discovered during statistical analysis. This type of analysis is beneficial for identifying patterns of data behavior.

Predictive analysis

This analysis suggests what is likely to occur using past data. Predictive analytics makes predictions about future outcomes based on the data.

Prescriptive analytics

This type of analysis combines insights from text, descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytics to determine what actions should be taken to solve a current problem or influence a decision.

Why Choose Us

Our team combines years of technology expertise and business leadership to bring you solutions that make a difference.


The results speak for themselves. JCR Analytics has given us clarity in our security operation. We went from 75% to 98% compliance, all thanks to their meticulous and personalized approach.


Tailor-made reports, high adaptability to changes and JCR Analytics visualizations allow us to understand the behavior of our vehicle fleet and make informed decisions for optimal operation.


JCR’s operational analytics have taken our efficiency to new levels. Descriptive and predictive indicators give us a deep understanding of our processes and help us anticipate future.

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