Strategic Fleet Control

Better information means better decisions!

We provide objective and timely analysis so you can optimize your fleet and improve the strategic management of your company.

How do you use your fleet’s GPS system?

Do you use it only to know where a vehicle is?
Do you have key indicators of your fleet?
Do you have a summary of what all vehicles did yesterday?
Did they meet their goals?
Do you have customized reports to control your operations?

Benefits of SFC

Optimization and Operational Efficiency

Between 10% and 25%

Our operational analytics service allows you to optimize the use of your resources and improve the efficiency of your operations. Through detailed analysis of the data collected from your fleet, we can identify areas for improvement and provide you with valuable information to make decisions that maximize the performance of your vehicles and personnel.

Accurate and Effective Planning

Fleet balance

With predictive information based on historical trends, our reports allow you to anticipate and plan your operations more accurately and effectively. You will be able to allocate resources optimally, minimizing costs and maximizing the productivity of your fleet.

Compliance with Contracts and Regulations

Avoid fines – discounts

Our analyses help you ensure compliance with your contracts with your suppliers (including GPS service) and customers, as well as with the regulations in force in your industry. In this way, you avoid potential penalties and maintain an excellent reputation in the market.

Cost Reduction

A truck spends 1,000 liters of fuel per year idling

By having detailed information on the behavior of your fleet, you can identify and reduce unnecessary costs, such as excessive fuel consumption, prolonged idling or premature wear of vehicles; it is estimated that a truck spends 1,000 liters of fuel per year idling. This translates into significant savings for your company.

Corporate Image Improvement and Environmental Sustainability

A diesel-powered VAN produces 370 gCO2/mi

By optimizing the use of your resources and reducing polluting emissions, our service allows you to project a responsible corporate image committed to the environment. This not only benefits the planet, but also enhances your reputation and market positioning.

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Permanent adaptation.

Our service policy is to constantly adapt to our clients’ new challenges. Indeed, the factors that generate change needs are diverse: changes in the competitive environment, legal modifications, new business challenges and the changes produced by the best decisions they make as a result of our service.

Continuous improvement

As senior executives of large companies, we learned the value of having good and timely information: the peace of mind of making objective decisions.


We have a high capacity to develop solutions quickly and effectively, which allows us to deliver a high quality service.

Customized Service

We cross-reference data from organizational information systems with business rules, budgets, policies and other corporate definitions to generate a unique result that fits the specific needs of each client.

Why Choose Us

Our team combines years of technology expertise and business leadership to bring you solutions that make a difference.

Proyecto Piedra Roja

The results are a testament to excellence. Thanks to JCR Analytics’ accuracy and personalized attention, we raised our security compliance from 75% to 98%. Their service not only added value, but became a cornerstone of our project.

Federal Seguridad

JCR Analytics excels with customized reports and exceptional adaptability to our changes. Their transparent reports not only help us understand the behavior of our vehicle fleet, but also enable us to make informed decisions to optimize our operations and improve the service we provide to our customers.

Condominio Los Bosques

With JCR Analytics, we achieve unprecedented levels of operational efficiency. Its analytics, rich in descriptive and predictive indicators, provide a deep understanding of our processes, allowing us to anticipate the future. We also highlight its adaptability.


JCR Analytics is proud to collaborate with PROYEX, a leading company specializing in telemetry, industrial monitoring and the Internet of Things. Their expertise spans diverse industries, including transportation, agribusiness, mining and general industry. The synergy between JCR Analytics and PROYEX reflects our shared commitment to operational excellence and resource optimization. For more information about PROYEX, please visit their website .


JCR Analytics is pleased to collaborate with MaxAsset, a leading consulting firm that offers consulting services in mechanical maintenance engineering, plant commissioning and asset management in general, under ISO 55000 standards, among others. Its expertise extends to various industrial areas. For more information about MaxAsset, visit its website .


In partnership with MARITECSOLAR, a leading provider of solar energy and energy efficiency solutions in Houston, Texas, USA. This alliance allows us to offer sustainable and technologically advanced services, merging operational analytics with eco-friendly solutions. Explore innovative solar energy solutions at its website.

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